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Apply to become a venture mentoring team powered startup

At minimum, send us your pitch deck. If available, also send us your business plan. Please do not send us anything you deem confidential.
Your submission will first be reviewed by up to five of our mentors to gauge the level of interest we have collectively for your project.

Our philosophy is to positively impact the companies we work with. At this point, we will let you know if we can help, and, if we believe we can, we’ll ask you to come in for a pitch session with our mentors to better understand you, your team and your business.
If you continue to create a high degree of interest we will invite you to participate in our 4 month mentoring program at no charge. We may extend a mentorship period, or ask a company to leave early if we no longer believe we have the resources to help. In any case, we never charge a fee for our services.

We will help you build and refine your business plan, investor/grant pitch and help prioritize your activities. We maintain great relationships with individual angel investors, angel groups and venture capitalists and will make appropriate introductions when we mutually agree you are ready.

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    Competitive research
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    Product development
    Found startup mentor

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