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About Us

Who We Are

The Venture Mentoring Team (The VMT) is a nonprofit educational 501(c)(3) dedicated to the startup and small business communities. The VMT evaluates, trains, and credentials mentors, then connects them with the best and brightest entrepreneurs to help their companies reach their full potential.

We are successful executives and entrepreneurs with experience in corporate, legal, academic, profit and not for profit organizations who donate time and talent.  Our goal is to help startups and small businesses gain sustainability and traction.

The VMT’s efforts impact the communities we serve in a number of positive, impactful ways. As the companies we mentor prosper, employment opportunities become available, generational wealth is created, and the entrepreneurs themselves experience personal growth.

We Help Founders

Why Startups And Small Businesses Love The VMT, In Their Own Words

We serve as a connective tissue for organizations who share our goals, creating a network consisting of universities and other institutions of higher learning, the investment community, corporations, incubator and accelerator programs and more. Mentors who join us from the corporate world become better suited to serve in their roles, having learned to think like owners. And we greatly enhance the effectiveness of loans and grants by combining the mentorship we offer with the funds those financial programs provide, resulting in a huge outcome multiplier.