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Apply To Become A Venture Mentoring Team Powered Startup

If your company is a startup, and you would like the assistance of a dynamic team of mentors, this is where you begin. (The application below is for companies in the startup phase only. If your company is an ongoing Small Business which was referred to by a VMT Community Partner, click here.

You’ll start by giving us some basic information and uploading your pitch deck or description of your business, and a one-minute video via the form below.

When you click “Submit Application,” you’ll be taken to a form where you’ll tell us more about your company, your goals, your needs, and what you’d like to see from a mentoring relationship. This information will be reviewed by members of our team. If we feel that we can positively impact your business, we’ll ask you to present a pitch session to a group of our mentors.

Should you and we wish to move forward, we will help you refine your business, investor/grant pitch, and help prioritize your activities, all on a volunteer basis and at no charge to you. We operate under a code of conduct which provides a safe and confidential environment for the founders we mentor. 

We also maintain great relationships with individual angel investors, angel groups, and venture capitalists, and will make appropriate introductions when we mutually agree you are ready. 

Once accepted into the VMT, we ask our entrepreneurs if they would like to sign our Pay It Forward Pledge. We suggest that when the company’s founders feel comfortable doing so, they will pay forward the altruism they have received by volunteering through a worthy organization that supports startups or small businesses. Many of the entrepreneurs we’ve mentored have later become mentors, creating positive results that extend far into the future.

We want to share the links you provide below with all of our mentors. 

In Google Drive:

If google drive indicates that “only people added can open with this link” please click on the down carrot and select “anyone on the internet with this link can view it”

In Dropbox:

Please indicate that “anyone with the link can view the file” 

Provide URL - Google Drive, Dropbox file
Provide URL - Google Drive, Dropbox file
Provide URL - Google Drive, Dropbox file
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